Emmanuel Alanana: Transforming Nasarawa State agric sector into a hub

By David Odama

It was the icon of African literature, Chinua Achebe who rightly posited that, “Until the Lion have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunters.” This saying finds expression in the hitherto governance model of the man Emmanuel Alanana in the successes and achievements recorded during his tenure in the Nasarawa State Agricultural Development Programmes (ADP) as the programme manager.

For long, Emmanuel Alanana the workaholic Programme Manager as fondly called by his people, admirers and associates has been Chinua Achebe proverbial Lion-whose story of hunt has been told by the hunters but, that narrative has to change and has infact changed and is still changing and the starting point is for his constituent to tell his story of good governance and impact-driven interventions in agric programmes and activities.

At the core of his service and mandate in the state especially in ADP and agric as a whole is to protect and project the interests of the good people of Nasarawa state through several and well articulated and well designed programmes and policies towards the enhancement of the agricultural sector particularly, ADP in Nasarawa and Nigeria at large writ-large; and so far so good, the Programmes manager has stand out tall.

Alanana has not only proved to the governor and the government of the state and the ministry of agriculture including the subsidiary of the ministry ADP that he can do and has done enough to justify the pride and the core mandate and interests of the Nasarawa state policy direction of the government and other stakeholders in Nasarawa.

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There’s no gain debating the fact that Nasarawa state has not only been ranked one of the performing states in the areas of adequate interventions in agric activities.

For long, stakeholders and the supervisory mi ministry responsible for interventions in agric programmes have since admitted to the fact that Nasarawa ADP has lived above board courtesy of the programme manager and his team in the institutionalization of good governance in Nasarawa state.

Having the resources to do the work is one thing, having the zeal and commitment to make judicious and prudent use of the resources is another which Emmanuel Alanana and his team have not left anyone in doubt. Regulatory framework, protecting the interest of the government and the governor has continued to be the guiding principle of the administration of the programme manager in the areas of improved farming methodology, and mechanization Considering how instrumental ADP is to the livelihood of the people.

The ADP PM in collaboration with the faithful staff and other supportive organs have succeeded in creating an agric environment that will produce the next generation of well trained farmers equipped with the requisite knowledge to improve the farming techniques of the state, country and also serve as a source of employment for the people of Nasarawa and environs.

If effective and efficient leadership has as it hallmark in the protection of the interests of those they represent, Alanana has demonstrated the zeal, passion and commitment further by protecting and projecting the interests of Nasarawa state Agriculturally in the global context.

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If development is a language, the ADP programme manager has been breaking his back to fluently speak that language to the people of Nasarawa state, the state government and the Federal government through ADP even further beyond the state as the National Chairman of the forum of ADP programmes managers nationwide.

His numerous interventions especially at the grassroots will outlive him. Since his assumption as the Nasarawa state ADP manager hence the state have not had it this better in the context of infrastructures, contributions and impact driven interventions in the state.

From creating an enabling agric activities, formulation and initiations of programmes advancement, open policy driven administration, equitable distribution of resources, empowerment, Emmanuel Alanana’s administration has left an indelible footprints in the sands of time.

I started this thought piece with a quote from the legendary writer, Chinua Achebe and will end it with a quote from the Chinese philosopher and writer, Lao Tzu- which says, “a leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” The quotes from Achebe and Tzu perfectly typify the paradox which Emmanuel Alanana embodies and stand for in Nasarawa state.

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