PMAN to begin collection of levies from event organisers in Abuja

By Moses Okorie

The Performing Music Employers Association of Nigeria, PMAN, FCT Chapter, has revealed that it would begin to collect levies and performance fees from musicians, dancers, comedians and all forms of entertainers as well as event organisers, hotels and club owners operating within the Federal Capital Territory.  

The association made this known at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday when they gathered to honour a young Nigerian lady, Diana Paul Mary who attempted to break 150 hours Guinness World Record as the longest standing single singer.

The PMAN governor of the FCT, Mr. Sydney Jack Asowari, popularly known as Sydney Sparrow, said PMAN is not just an association, but a union, and called on all stakeholders in the industry within the FCT and all those making use of music works to ensure they make payments to the body, as failure to this could lead to litigations.

According to him, “For example, you have National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, if you don’t buy their ticket, you cannot operate. This is similar to what PMAN is all about. So, we expect remittance of levies and performance fees from organisers, hotel owners, where they have live band.

The PMAN governor said a taskforce that would handle this assignment is under the Directorate of the Deputy Governor of PMAN FCT, which will act based on the guidelines of their bylaw.

On his part, the deputy governor, Mr. Kingsley, who doubles as the taskforce chairman said, collection of levies and performance fees is long overdue.

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“People have been taking advantage of our laxity and inability to collect revenues meant for the union and the government, because the government has percentage in all levies collected by the association.

“I want every stakeholder in Nigeria to know that PMAN is duly registered with the Trade Union of Congress of Nigeria; we are not just operating on our own. We are guided by the laws of this country and the rules and regulations of the trade practices in Nigeria.

Sydney Jack and Diana Paul (middle) with some of the exco of PMAN

“Let me restrict my message to the stakeholders, that is, the music practitioners, concert organisers, hotels and club owners. All these people use materials and artistes to promote and trade in their business.

“I am using this medium to tell them that the owners of the crafts are coming to get what is due to them. More importantly I want them to know even for the fact that they are practicing this trade in Nigeria and they are not registered with PMAN, is an offence as laid down in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“I want to crave their indulgence to understand that first and foremost they need to register with PMAN. From today, I want to announce that the PMAN is coming for the levies; the musicians, dancers and everything that has to do with music, and like you know, failure to do so can result to legal repercussion”, he said.

PMAN also honoured Ms. Diana Paul Mary, who attempted to break 150 hours singing marathon, but later stopped after 107 hours, on health ground.

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Diana Paul with the certificate of recognition

She was also presented with certificate of recognition for her excellent performance and declared as the first and the longest singing single artiste in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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