Pregnant women urged to register early for antenatal care

By Muhammad Tunau,Sokoto

Participants at a workshop International Nutrition/FAcE-PaM/SWODEN have been reawakened to the importance of uptake of IFA, early registration for ANC and the use of Zinc lo-ORS.

The importance was hammered on at a one day orientation meeting with the community structures in Sokoto state by Nutrition International/ FAcE-PaM/ SWODEN.

Welcoming participants to the meeting, the State Nutrition Officer, Mustapha Garba, represented by the deputy State Nutrition Officer, Rukaya Musa, urge them to pay attention to details of the orientation meeting to enable them have a relevant feedback to beneficiaries at their community

The State Nutrition International Coordinator, Oyedeji Ayobami, reiterated the importance of uptake of IFA, early registration for ANC and the use of Zinc Lo-ORS for the treatment of diarrhoea in an under five child.

“The orientation is centered on Community sensitized on early ANC commencement and consumption of IFA in the prevention of anemia in women and Zinc for children.

“It is also targeted to get the commitment and support of participants to influencing positive behaviors such as, ANC attendance, IFA and Zinc Lo-ORS consumption,” Oyedeji stated.

The Project Officer, Elizabeth Stephen Kassam, highlighted the purpose of the orientation to the participants, which is, “to sensitize the Traditional birth attendants (TBAs), Community Based Volunteers (CBVs), on the BCI strategy for Iron folic acid (IFA) and Lo-ORS/Zinc.

“To create awareness on maternal anaemia, childhood diarrhea, and the importance of early ANC attendance and consumption of IFA among participants.

“To create demand of the use of IFA for treatment of anaemia in pregnant women and ZINC Lo-ORS for treatment of diarrhea in children under five years.

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“To get the commitments of traditional birth attendance and the volunteers to influence the uptake of IFA and ZINC among pregnant women and children under five years.”

On his part, representative from SWODEN, Abdullhamid Buhari, also encourage the participants particularly on gender mainstreaming.

While applauding the orientation meeting, a cross section of the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), Community Based Volunteers (CBVs), admitted gaining more knowledge on prevention of maternal anemia and childhood diarrhea.

30 participants drawn from Wamakko, Sokoto North, and Dange Shuni local government areas another 20 from Kware and Illela local government areas respectively, participated at the orientation meeting.

The participants included male and female sensitization on Behavioral Change Intervention, BCI, Strategy for the promotion of IFA AND ZINC Lo-ORS.

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